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Trombinoscope des membres du High Tech Business Club

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Partenaires : entreprises, experts, investisseurs, institutions et réseaux

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According to the internal investigation carried out in March 2004 near 1300 people, High TEch Business Network is made up from members with the multi-field profiles:
very experienced and specialized in IT (software vendors, Consultants, Trainers, interim Managers.)
with the functions as varied as finance, marketing, sales, accountancy, heads hunting. We count among our members: business lawyers, psychologists, investors, raisers of funds
all the hierarchical levels of responsibility and decision of a company (Chairman, CEO, SVP, VP, Marketing and Sales Director, CIO..)
covering the top of the population pyramid

By their close contacts with relays present throughout the whole world (Europe, North America, Asia, Africa), the members of HTBN have the capacity to mobilize them to carry out successfully of the international projects of accompaniment to the development of company for example.
Some examples of potential missions: the basic lifting for IT companies  in the course of creation, the anticipation and the treatment of file of liquidation of SME in High tech, the assistance with the signing of data-processing contract of development in offshore oil rig, of the installations of information system complexes, of the Training and coaching are other strong axes of services HTBN

In a very convivial environment, all these members already initialized Business relations in the course of events and business dinners.